"If one’s life is simple, contentment has to come. Simplicity is extremely important for happiness. Having few desires, feeling satisfied with what you have, is very vital: satisfaction with just enough food, clothing, and shelter to protect yourself from the elements. And finally, there is an intense delight in abandoning faulty states of mind and in cultivating helpful ones in meditation."

— Dalai Lama (via thecalminside)


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Why colors on the photos are so fake; dress and socks are bordeaux in real. ><

  • Dress, socks: Innocent World
  • Blouse: Krad Lanrete
  • Lace top: New Yorker
  • Shoes: CCC
  • Wig: Lockshop
  • Veil: handmade

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O’ GREAT SPIRIT help me always to speak the truth quietly, to listen with an open mind when others speak, and to remember the peace that may be found in silence.

-Cherokee Prayer


♥Stop Thought♥ buddha/spirituality
"If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.
— Buddha"

— It takes strength to be gentle and kind. Only the weak are cruel. (via cascadiaphotography)

"No puedes vivir tu vida para los demás. Tienes que hacer lo que es bueno para ti, incluso si lastimas algunas personas que amas"

Nicolas Sparks (via elcielosobremi)


Esta vida es lo que haces. No importa lo que hagas, vas a meter la pata algunas veces, es una verdad universal. Pero la parte buena es que tienes que decidir cómo vas a estropearlo. Las chicas serán tus amigas (van a actuar como si lo fueran de todos modos). Pero recuerda, algunas vienen, otras…